A Wedding is Just Not Complete Without a Unity Tradition

21 Nov

A Wedding is the celebration of marriage and is perhaps the most significant ceremony that comes into our lives. Women have been dreaming of their perfect wedding since they were just little girls and a lot of them consider it as the grandest event of their life. There are many aspects to plan for a wedding: flowers, cakes, dresses, parties, rings, video recording, and more. Big preparations for the actual wedding day have to be made to make it most perfectly special, creative, and unforgettable.

The fact that marriage is the union of two souls is the ultimate reason why a wedding ceremony should have a huge importance for not just the bride and groom but also for the whole of their families. With that being said, a wedding would not be complete without a unity tradition. It is always important for a wedding to have a unity ceremony. Typically, a unity ceremony represents the combining of two families into one during the actual wedding. There are different unity ceremonies and perhaps the most common one involves the use of unity candles. In a unity candle ceremony, both the bride and the groom will light large candle together from two smaller candles and this symbolizes the bond shared by a wife and a husband. At first, the bride followed by the groom light each other's candles. Then the couple will light the large candle together, that symbolizes their eternal unity.

On the other hand, a wedding sand ceremony is becoming more and more popular these days. Compared to other unity ceremonies, the unity sand ceremony is a relatively unique idea that makes a great wedding ceremony. It presents a more personalized alternative to the widely observed unity candle ceremony. The bride and groom will each pour different colored sand from a vial and into a colorless vase, symbolizing their unity as husband and wife. Basically the grains of sand are symbolic of being timeless and immeasurable, just like the couples' love for each other. Visit this website here!

 As with the separate flames of the candles becoming one, the grains of sand being poured together into one vessel depicts two lives becoming one. The intertwined pattern of the sand created by the color represents their newly formed union. The vases in which the colored sand will be poured into symbolize how a marriage can contain everything. It is a perfect complement and particularly beautiful for a beach wedding, check it out!

A wedding sand ceremony would also best complement couples who already have kids before the wedding. It will be an appropriate way to include and welcome their children into the new family being formed. It would also be symbolic as it shows the importance of a child and his cooperation in the unity of the new family. Using sand as an alternative would definitely be unique making your wedding unforgettable. You  may further read about unity sand at http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/24/vegas-wedding_n_1699335.html .

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