Understanding Unity Sand Ceremonies

21 Nov

Most people understand what a unity candle ceremony, but not unity sand ceremonies. It is more about having a wedding ceremony at the beach. If there is one thing, aside from water, the beach has plenty, it would be sand. It makes sense to have a unity sand celebration when you plan to be wed by the beach. So, what is it really?

Like any other keepsake like candles, Sandsational Sparkle sand also reflects a whole new dimension. A whole new meaning. Some, by tradition, pass light from one partner to another via a candle. The couple used the light from the candle to light the candle of other relatives and friends. The idea is about signifying the unity of both families. In a sand ceremony, vials or any other vessel is used to contain the sand. It is also being used as a means to unite the families. It is more often done before the service. During the ceremony, the people pour the sand into a big glassware. This is followed by colors signifying the unity of the newly wed couple. It is all about how two people becoming one. Two families merging to become a single family.

Unity Sand has plenty of features that may symbolize unity and of course love. Grains of the sand may also evoke timelessness and being forever. It symbolizes the kind of love the couple will endure. The sand mixed means they have been united never to be separated anymore. It is about a love that will cast forever and lasting until death parts them. It is also the celebration of individuality and the duality of being married. It is about how two people will now be sharing dreams, aspirations and ambitions as they grow older.

The sand ceremony for blended families is all about how the blessing of having two families merging. And the sand poured during the celebration will be kept as a keepsake. There are plenty of wonderful options that you can have about the sand. You may find plenty of options on the Internet.

Sand ceremonies can be customized, and the keepsakes will be done with custom array in mind. It will be about how you display and proudly tell people about family unity with the seal to keep the sand tightly shut. There is no more vivid display of being united than having a sand ceremony. It is a lasting reminder of unity forever and ever. Check out this website at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wedding for more info about unity sand.

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